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We have an extensive portfolio of companies within the LMBK Group in a broad range of sectors. Offering unparalleled service, care and attention to detail.

Gidigidi Industrial

Earth moving, construction and forestry equipment rental.


Gidigidi Industiral Equipment

Specializes in the supply of earth-moving, construction and forestry equipment rental with a diverse range of product offerings. Our company operates within the plant hire, construction, forestry, civil and mining industries. Gidigidi supplies plant hire from Excavators, Graders, Tippers, Low Beds, Cranes, Water Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Yellow Plant, Fork lifting solutions, compressors, generators and so much more!

LMBK Media

Interactive Touch Solutions, 3D Wall Mapping, Outdoor Advertising, Social Media Management


LMBK Media

Social & Digital Activations | Campaigns I Content Creation I Creative Design I Online Reputation Management | Advertising | Marketing | Surface Computing

CERNA Skin Care

Luxury with a conscience. 100% Natural organic products. Non-toxic and cruelty-free skin care. Made with love.


CERNA Skin Care

A luxury skin care brand which produces 100% natural organic products, non-toxic and cruelty-free. The product line consists of the Flawless Face range which includes custom blended oils that help treat different skin problems, a face cleanser, toner and exfoliating soap. Cerna’s Glowing Body range consists of body washes, body oils, whipped body butters, as well as bath bombs.

GDI Health | GDI Health Systems

Data led solutions for superior patient care.


GDI Health

Empowering healthcare providers to systematically improve healthcare service delivery for better healthcare across all care settings.

GDI Health Systems

A leading provider of optimised and integrated ICT solutions and services to healthcare enterprises. GDI partners with leading local and international suppliers to deliver customised solutions that set a new benchmark in patient care.

LMBK Research Institute (USA)

Creating new knowledge and developing alternate modes of improving healthcare to management research, education and training.


LMBK Research Institute (USA)

Contributing to the development of health and population policies, strategies, programme monitoring, evaluation and generation of new knowledge. Over the years there has been an expansion in the nature and scope of projects and research studies undertaken by the Institute. The range is wide; from studies involving survey and data generation to exploratory and impact studies of health services and programmes.

Travel Blog Africa

Africa is a dream destination filled with soul, wildlife & breathtaking landscapes… Discover the beauty of Africa with #Travelblogafrica


Travel Blog Africa

#Travelblogafrica has the most authentic African holiday itineraries and exclusive travel deals throughout the entire continent! Where adventure lies around every single corner, from the majestic heights of Kilimanjaro to the mesmerizing sand dunes of Namibia… Explore Africa with us today!

Too Cute Clothing | Forelegance Boutique

Exclusive fashion label for stylish little kids! | Luxurious fashion brand specializing in bespoke handmade garments for ‘the opulent’.


Too Cute Clothing

Luxury Kids Clothing. Practical, functional and overflowing with colour! The finest luxury, premium and designer brand for your kids. The Too Cute online boutique gives you access to a wide range of current collections, along with previous collections, in just a few clicks. Design the perfect wardrobe for your girl or boy ages newborn to 13.

Forelegance Boutique

Discover the finest edit in luxury fashion and fall in love with our bespoke collection of opulent handmade garments. Forelegance is a #luxe brand for women who simply want to look exquisite!

GoTender.Net | PaPay Parking

SA’s largest B2B Network | A smart way to find and pay for parking.



A cloud-based B2B solution that will transform your organization into an intelligent enterprise.  

Welcome to e-tendering innovation!

Finding new business should never be a daunting task… On GoTender.Net, get matched with ideal customers who are already on the market for your services. Simply accept the jobs you fancy and grow your business!

Skilled professional? – Take control of your time and let freelance jobs come looking for you, wherever you are! – Get real time Job alerts on GoTender.Net.

PaPay Parking

Parking Made Smarter!

PaPay Parking is a ticketless parking system that utilizes advanced License Plate Recognition software (LPR) and smartphone technology to seamlessly open the boom and process payment, without the need for paper tickets, queues, and cash.

Help A Child South Africa

Help A Child South Africa creates a positive lasting change in the lives of children in need. It’s #HACSA’s mission to not only impact without, but more within…

Not just an NGO, but a mental transformation.


Help A Child South Africa

Help A Child South Africa is an organization that creates a positive lasting change in the lives of children who are less fortunate and living in devastatingly difficult situations by providing food, clothing and education.

#HACSA carefully selects and targets exceptionally talented children with amazing potential but limiting conditions due to their poor background. They ensure that these children are afforded a fair chance to a bright future by creating conditions that allow them to thrive and become the absolute best versions of themselves.

#HACSA is significantly contributing towards the eradication of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy by offering help and hope to children in need, while awakening them to their true power, which will create a more loving world and leave a positive impact on the planet.